Friday, May 20, 2016

NA Brawler

Words & Snaps by Ben

The Honda Jazz, or Fit, as it is called in certain markets, is wildly popular for being an amazing grocery-getter. It's small and easy to park, fuel efficient, and zippy enough for everyday traffic, and has enough room to haul a small family.

Yet while most see a common econo-box, others see potential.

Laurent is one of the latter, and inspired by the potential showcased by Spoon Sports' Fit, he started his new quest for power with this Jazz GD1.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

SMSA Carpark Rally

Words & snaps by Ben

The 8th of May marked a special milestone in the calendars of local motorsports: the revival of the Kallang Carpark Races.

The Kallang Carpark races were first installed in the 70's, picking up as the lead local motorsports, after the Formula One Racing left the Thomson Road Circuit for good.

The Carpark races were all the hype then, and many teams competed around the 250m long gymkhana-style tracks organised on Kallang's Sports Hub carpark.

While the revival race was not held at its historical Kallang location but at Changi's Aviation Park Road, the spirit was there, with 27 cars taking part.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

POWAA Build Part IV - POWAA Garage X RZCREW Garage - The Finale!

Words & Snaps by Ben

If you've been following this thread, you'll know the parts we got (POWAA Build Part I), how we assembled the engine (Part II), and how we got the first results with a traditional intake design (Part II).

149hp and 166.7Nm of torque was fun, but we still had an ace up our sleeves to squeeze even more power out of the 1.5L mill of my Vios NCP42.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Death of a Phoenix

Words & Snaps by Ben

Every now and then I hear from the owners of cars I featured on POWAA Garage. It's always good to catch up and hear about their latest mods and new plans for their beloved rides. 

Except when they tell you their car is about to get chopped in half.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

POWAA Build Part III - POWAA Garage X RZCrew Garage

Words & Snaps by Ben

We've been hard at work, as you would have read in the Part I and Part II of this high compression NA build for my Toyota Vios' 1NZ-FE. But the work wasn't over yet. 

Luckily, with JC from the RZ Crew providing the build with affordable original parts, but also helping me with the engineering needed to turn this engine into a monster, things went smooth and we were getting nearer to putting the car on the rollers.

The next steps of the build were to install the new engine head, optimise the intake and exhaust, bring some improvements on the drive train and tune the powerplant.
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