Monday, January 19, 2015

LMS Autotest Round III

Words & Snaps by Ben

So last year's seen a rather good support in terms of local motorsports events, with the Singapore Motorsport Academy giving some driver training classes, Driverite organising some gymkhana events, and LMS Motorsports running 3 autotest events.

The third round, held mid November, had its own share of happenings, both for the drivers and the spectators.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Beetle Spotting - Volksjohore VW Jamboree 2014

Words & Snaps by Ben

April 1934, Adolf Hitler ordered Ferdinand Porsche to build a "Volkswagen", literally, a "people's car". His requirements were simple: it had to be basic with a reasonable fuel consumption, easy to fix, and would need to be able to run a high speeds (100km/h) on the Autobahnen.

Little did any of them know that this order would see the birth of the world's most mass-produced car 7 years later, in 1941.

What they would never have imagined, is that the Beetle not only became one of the most recognisable cars on Earth, but it also became a real cult classic.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Power in a Can

Words & Snaps by Ben

So a friend of mine recently told me about Ozygen, a magic potion that is stated to turn your regular pump gas into race fuel.

I am usually skeptical about fuel additives. While they sometimes bring about better performance and fuel efficiency, they also tend to wear out the seals and gaskets, which is not something anyone enjoys.

While fuel additive brands all claim that their products work wondrously well, most have been proven to have little to no effect, or even detrimental effects to your engine's life and performance.

So what would make Ozygen any better? It was time to find out.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2014

Words & snaps by Ben

Dapper suits, bikes and a worthy cause. Bring all 3 together and you have yourself the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

The first Ride took place in 2012, and gathered 2,500 riders across 64 cities. With such a success, the organisers decided to give a worthy meaning to the event, and last year's ride was run with the goal of supporting the prostate cancer research.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time Breaker

Words and Snaps by Ben

Be it to emulate a car seen on TV, at a race, in a garage, in a video game, or even to bring together a machine only seen in one's mind, the reasons behind every build are mostly unique. 

Builds evolve and tend to follow outside factors such as new techs and parts, changes in the owner's lifestyle, trends, or simply varied whims. Yet some of us are more focused and stick fervently to the rules and goals they set for themselves. 

Norman is such a man, and when his GC8 gave up on the hard life he gave it, he went to hunt for a RWD platform with which he could further refine his driving skills. 

His search led him to own this S2000, on which he set his new goal: to dominate the time attack.

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