Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sky Blue

Words & Snaps by Ben

To the outside world, all motorheads fit into one basket. As soon as our cars are modified, we are delinquents, street racers without any regard to other people's lives who are always causing trouble on the roads. This so especially in Singapore, where simple car modifications are seen as a crime, and makes every one of us targets of a witch hunt given by the government officials.

Yet our passion for cars is as colourful and varied as there are races on earth. The main "function or form" categories are often mentioned, but the number of sub-genres are unlimited.

While there are haters, who will look down upon certain car models, brands or styles, when push comes to shove, we know how to stand united in our passion.

Marcus' Elantra is not a track-conquering asphalt-twisting powerhouse. It is neither an oni-cambered show queen. All it is, is his own interpretation of his passion for cars. And in this, it is perfect.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Formula E Pre-Season Testing 2014

                 Words & Snaps by Sam 

Electric cars... A topic which strikes fear into the majority of those with a passion for cars, a concept which many loathe. Unfortunately we cannot disguise the fact that oil supplies are depleting and it’s hard to ignore the negative effects conventional engines are having on the environment. It’s because of this that we know it won’t be so long before they begin to take over from our beloved petrol powered machines. Many of us dread this day and car manufacturers know all too well that if they are to succeed with replacing oil based fuels with electricity, they will need to do something to entice the public. So how are they going to persuade us that silent electric motors can be just as fun as a petrol equivalent?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Those of you who are reading these words from outside of Singapore, consider yourselves lucky. You might have read some of my previous car features where I mention the COE. The Certificate Of Entitlement is one of Singapore's government's measures put in place to limit the population of cars on the roads of our small island. Not only does it cost a bomb (current rates are above SGD60,000), but it also put a countdown on each and every car, as it is only valid for 10 years.

At the end of those 10 years, car owners have no choice but to either buy a new COE, or scrap their cars. Sadly, with the COE rates always getting higher, many of us do not have the finances to renew and have to bid their cars farewell.

As you can imagine, that makes the lives of us motorheads very, very difficult.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pizzas, Football and Fast Cars

Football is all the rage right now, with the World Cup showing on TVs around the globe. While I'm personally not a football fan, a game evening is like a race evening. A typical good session involves bringing buddies together around a TV set with a few beers and, of course, some good, many food like pizzas.

Pezzo Pizza hears that, and has made a World Cup Pizza to cater to the black and white ball lovers.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Off The Beaten Path

Words & Snaps by Ben 

A first car always has a strong impact on a person. To most, it is a symbol of freedom, to go wherever they want, whenever they want. To motorheads, it is more than this. It is like getting brand new prosthetic limbs. It's a new extension to one's self, an expression of one's personality.

While we all wish to get Takumi's AE86, Brian O'Connor's GTR, Dom Toretto's Charger or Emmett Brown's DeLorean DMC12 as our first ride, more often than not, we end up with something much less... Interesting. Nevertheless, nothing stops a passion, and our first ride, our first project, usually chooses us more than we choose it.

While Shawn was dreaming of EK's and EG's and SIR's, his mom had other ideas in mind, and gave him this Hyundai Verna as a present. Needless to say, it was bone stock when he first laid his hands on it. At this point, the car chose him, and he was set upon making this ride an extension of himself, whatever the hurdles the Korean machine might throw his way.

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