Thursday, August 27, 2015

POWAA Build Part I - POWAA Garage X RZ Crew Garage

Words and snaps by Ben

Ever since I started POWAA Garage back in 2012, I’ve been writing about other people’s stories. This one is special. This is the story of me and Hagane, my 2006 Toyota Vios NCP42.

While the full story of the build will be for another time, I am just going to focus on the latest happenings, which had me jumping around all over the place for about two months now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Second Best

Words and Snaps by Ben

Initial D is one of the foundations of many motorheads out there. At some point, we all rooted for Takumi and his understated AE86 to win, and he never failed to disappoint. And then as he made friends, so did we, and we learnt to love more and more iconic Japanese cars.

Most got to follow the main heroes as icons of our passion, yet some were moved by the other characters, the supporting roles that trade the lack of genius with other skills to get by.

In Joseph's case, it was Itsuki, Takumi's best friend and the comic relief of the series that caught his heart. Itsuki bought a Corolla in the hopes of following Takumi and his AE86's footsteps, but ended up being laughed at for buying an AE85 Levin, the downtuned, SOHC version of the Corolla.

Nevertheless, Itsuki never faltered. He decided to hold on to his AE85 and hone his driving skills after Takumi showed him that the driver skills can make any car fast. Later in the show, he turbocharged his Levin, and although he knew he'd never be as good as Takumi, he never gave up on his dream to be the second best.

This determination and passion to forge on with a lesser car struck a chord in Joseph's heart. Since he was not able to get an AE86 here in Singapore, he settled for second best: an EP70 Starlet.

Be it a coincidence or not, the Starlet's front end design resembles that of Itsuki's Levin, and as a tip-of-the-hat towards the hard-headed character, Joseph placed an Akina Speed Stars decal above the right headlight, where Itsuki placed his.

Like the anime character, Joseph then started modifying his EP70 to put up more of a fight.

This is where Joesph and this Starlet's story began.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Words and snaps by Ben

When Sylver was out looking for a new ride to sit next to her apex-carving Impreza, she was aiming for an entirely different breed of car. Something quick, of course, but also much simpler to use than her fully-built STI for her daily commute.

Her mind was set on a 335i convertible, which ticked all the right boxes, with the additional benefit of letting her enjoy the wind in her hair during cool night drives.

But then a 135i caught her eye. While it didn't have a drop-top, it had the advantage of having a smaller wheelbase and a lighter frame, while sporting the same N54 biturbo inline 6 engine as its bigger sibling. And this sealed the deal for Sylver.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tools of the Trade

Words by Ben, Snaps by the POWAA Crew and friends

Every now and then I get asked what it takes to be a car blogger, and what equipment you need to do it, so it figured it was about time I wrote about it to share with you guys.

Who knows, maybe this will motivate some of you to get out there and start your writing your own features! (If you do, tag me, I'd love to read your words!)

So here are 9 things you need in order to run a motorhead blog.

Monday, June 22, 2015

First Love

Words & Snaps by Ben

We all have a first love. A special one who made us discover new things, and learn more about ourselves. In some cases, it's love at first sight, but other times it's unexpected. She would come about casually, promising nothing more than friendship; just someone to accompany you on your journeys.

And then before you know it, you are in love. Addicted. To you, none other can make the cut. You love her strengths and adore her weaknesses. She is your first love. The one with whom your adventure starts.

I am, of course, talking about cars.

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