The Team

POWAA Garage was founded by Ben with one goal in mind - share the passion for cars and the car culture in Singapore.

Fueled by his passion grown from modifying and racing his own car, POWAA Garage is a humble platform that aims at bringing motorheads together, thus the logo and the tagline: Stand Up for your Ride.

Since its start in December 2012, POWAA Garage has grown, thanks to the help of June, who brings a feminine touch to the mix and the support given by Darren. The team grew when Victor joined our ranks, who now contributes to the site all the way from Sweden. The family then welcomed Sam, who brings us sights of the motor culture in Australia.

You think you have what it takes to be part of the POWAA Team? Head on over to the contact us section and drop us a line!

Ben - Founder

June - Lifestyle Editor

Darren - Crew

Victor - Correspondent [Sweden]

Sam - Correspondent [Australia]

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