Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Benjamin Attard - Founder

My name is Ben, and I am a motorhead.

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I guess I should start this blog by telling you a bit about myself, to give you an idea of where I come from and why I am writing this blog.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved cars, like many of us out there. As I grew up, I got my motorbike at the age of 16 and my interest in cars faded for a while to let the two wheels take my heart over. The freedom that came with being able to go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted was spiced up by the small twisty mountain roads of the South of France, where the cicadas sing all day and the skies are bright blue. (Sounds poetic eh?)

When I was 19, I finally got my car license, which ignited my passion for things with four wheels again. The French mountain passes of the Alps became a playing field. There, I brainstormed and picked up different driving techniques and tricks at the wheel of my mom’s Peugeot 206 (when she wasn't around, of course).

I then moved to the US for 3 semesters of studies, and shared my on-campus accommodation with Bobby. A real car fanatic, he would buy totaled cars and strip them down to sell the parts, or rebuild an engine over a weekend or two. Evidently, I ended up spending as much time studying as I did learning about cars from Bobby, the web, and car mags. I lived these 3 semesters at the wheel of an old beat up Nissan Maxima V6 that threatened to blow a gasket and drop a transmission on a regular basis, but in the end managed to hold up until I sold her and left for Singapore in 2008.

After going through a series of odd jobs here in Singapore, I finally got on track in the car industry in 2010. From then on, I began building a network in the industry and founded Gordini’s Pit Stop, my own shot at making an online car magazine. This subsequently led me to pull a one year stint in 9tro Group as Editor for BLACK Magazine, which ended in July 2012. Yet while the magazine ceased to exist, my passion for cars did not, thus I decided to create POWAA Garage. 

Why not continue Gordini’s Pit Stop? For the simple reason that POWAA Garage is built with a different philosophy to be a more street-level, relaxed and less prim avenue to share my passion with other motorheads around the web. I’ll feature rides that I find have a fun or interesting story, or that would give any motorhead wet dreams. This is my relaxed joint for chillin’ and enjoying people’s passion in building rides they see as an extension of themselves.

Having said that, I hope you enjoy the ride! I know I damn well do!

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