Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Perfect Power Drift

Text by: Ben Photos by: Ben

Let’s face it – Singapore’s motorsports scene is struggling to survive. While we had a ray of hope with the announcement of the grade 2 racetrack end of 2010, our hopes were crushed when the project went belly up, and further buried when the Singapore Sports Council decided to not reopen the tender.

As if this decision had not dealt a big enough blow to the motorsports enthusiasts on the island, the Land Transport Authority was set on a real witch hunt for modified cars which makes us all afraid of taking the road. Oblivious of the people’s call for a discussion relating to this matter, the government is trying to crush us the same way a kid gleefully stomps on ants in the driveway.

But this does not mean the enthusiasts are giving up, and some still carry on the flame by organising small scale motorsports events here in Singapore. On the 2ndof December, Perfect Power Pte Ltd, a garage operating from #03-13 First East Centre on 10 Kaki Bukit Road 2, organised its first drift event to support the community. Additional sponsors DFM and Liqui Moly also contributed to make the event happen.

The day brought together a handful of local drift enthusiasts at the Punggol marina for a day of sideways fun. These grounds are rather narrow, calling for lower speed drifts and quick transition, but that never stopped the drivers from taking up the challenge.

Present at the event were a handful of the ever so popular S-chassis Nissans, drifting in black…


Black again...



And even pink!

This particular S14 was also among the cars running during the Über Garage Track day. During that track day, it had a little encounter with a barrier, and now showcased one of my favourite quick fix - judge for yourself, but I think it's the best use one can find for a license plate!

Joining in the fun and bringing some variety to my lens was an Rx-7.

This FD not only drifts well, but I have also seen it doing pretty well in gymkhana events.

A RWD-converted GC8 running under the Martini Racing colours was doing some test runs.

After drifting a few rounds around this high rev, low speed course, I heard it was showing reliable low 70°C temperatures.

The loudest car of the day was definitely this 2JZ-powered Soarer, which gobbled up the asphalt in plumes of smoke.

Halfway through the day, a classic Hachiroku showed up to play.

Its driver, Benjamin Chiam, is not one who enjoys playing alone, and he quickly started running with the Soarer.

While its four banger NA heart was struggling to follow the mighty 2JZ at launch, the lightweight and nimble AE86 had enough power to follow through the corners.

A few sets of tyres later, the event came to its end, leaving everyone happy and laughing while the cars were towed out one by one, going for eventual repairs and upgrades to get ready for the next drift event. Hopefully it will come soon! 

Thanks to Perfect Power Pte Ltd, DFM, Liqui Moly and all the drifters who registered for helping motorsports to survive in Singapore!

Perfect Power will be organising a 2nd drift day on Sunday 10th March 2013! Check out more info about it here!

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