Monday, August 12, 2013

Half a Century of Aberration

Words by: Ben & June - Pics by: June
Media invite

Aberration: Ab-er-ra-tion [ab-uh-rey-shuh n]. Noun

1. The act of departing from the right, normal, or usual course.
2. The act of deviating from the ordinary, usual, or normal type.
3. Deviation from truth or moral rectitude.
4. The Porsche 911

The 1st of August was a special day at the Porsche Centre as they opened their doors to the media to celebrate 50 years of the aberration that is the 911. 

We've heard it before and we'll hear it again - the concept of the 911 is an aberration: a rear-engine & rear wheel drive sports car is just a recipe for disaster.

But what a brilliant disaster it is! Only the Germans could pull it off this way, and their stubbornness has certainly paid off over the past 50 years All in all, this only adds to the legend of this iconic sports car.

And to commemorate this, Stuttgart Auto gathered all generations of the 911 in front of their showroom at 29 Leng Kee Road. 

Proudly showcased was the first generation 911 that kicked off this enduring love story in 1963, sided by the G Series, that hit the road in the mid 80's.

Next in line was the 964, which first came around in 1989 under the Carrera 4 namesake. the "4" stood for 4-wheel drive, which it inherited from Porsche's rally engineering. Only a year later did the RWD Carrera 2 was offered, followed by the 964 Turbo.

Continuing the trip down memory lane was the 993, the last air-cooled of the family, with its smoother, revisited lines and improved aerodynamics. This generation once again saw the Carrera 4, all-wheel drive option offered aside from the RWD Carrera model. 

Next to it, the 996, which introduced the first water-cooled power plants, was showcasing its even smoother design which won quite a few design awards from 1997 to 2003.

The 997 was up next. This generation continued the design evolution heralded by the 996, but also looked back at the 993 for some detail cues, such as the round headlights.

Finally, showcased in the showroom was the youngest 911 to date, the 991, which hit the roads last year. Following with the smooth evolution of the 911 design, this newest form is longer and wider than its predecessors, yet lighter and more powerful, making it the perfect car for high end spirited driving.

Guests and friends of the media were treated to an array of international cusines while discussing about the latest addition to the 911 family.

To celebrate the half-century of its brilliant creation, Porsche has created a limited edition of clothes wear the the owners and enthusiasts who can't afford the beauty in the metal.

Aside from these "50 years"-stamped designs, the Porsche lifestyle section at the second floor of the dealership showcased more than enough toys to please everyone in the family!

As the event winded down to a close, we were pleasantly gifted with some exclusive limited edition Porsche collectibles. This included a gunmetal grey miniature replica of the 991-911, a moleskin notebook, a collective of retro postcards featuring the past models and a sleek silver flash drive. Indeed, their media kits were as sleek as the cars they designed. Stay tuned on POWAA Garage's Facebook Page as some of these items might make their way to you!

Head over the the Porsche dealership for your dose of German engineering, and while all 7 generations of beauties might not stay there for long, you can trust the 991 to be there to greet you personally!


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