Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dapper Bikes - Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2013

Words by Myloh - Snaps by Ben 

Suits, Bikes and Singapore. See the link? Neither did I, at first. That is until one steps foot into this haven of American air cooled twins, British triples, Italian open dry clutches and not forgetting the array of Japanese idiosyncrasies about.

Held on the 29th of September, this madness is the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. Established in 2012, it is a fast growing global movement that raises money and awareness for charities for prostate cancer research, but most of it is really the celebration of dapperness even sharper looking bikes. 

For 2013, the Singapore leg of the ride started at Motorwerks' new premise in Ubi industrial estate. 

Despite the broiling heat and relatively remote locale of the starting point, this year saw the arrival of more than 200 rides of various shapes and sizes. 

Ranging from grim hogs to the petite Vespas (some of them we spotted in Mama Mia Vespas!), this was a veritable smorgasbord of rides and people. 

The event was made alive with special highlights such as the Slo-mo Drag Race, where contestants competed to be the slowest on two wheels (not an easy task for even seasoned pros). 

Another highlight was, of course, the most dapperly dressed awards. 

Alongside were the many motoring souls who gathered for friendly exchanges in what feels like the largest gathering of the biggest extended family ever, whose common love for two wheels are the bonds that bind.

Once all riders had gathered and the contests were over, the real highlight of the day started - a grouped ride across Singapore. The hundreds of bikers straddled their beloved two-wheeled steeds and swarmed the roads to enjoy a smooth ride under the sun. 

The extended ride saw the motorcycling community represented not only by the variety, but the awesome camaraderie of the riders in this unofficial "brotherhood". 

Each traffic light was an opportunity to laugh and chat among friends, and all riders were rolling about with a smile on their faces, glad to share their passion with like-minded individuals. The fun was also shared with other motorists and passerbys who stopped and watched, amazed, as the mass of bikers rode about. 

That I think sums up the spirit that holds the group, gets it and keeps it growing. 

Till next year then! 

 The event was so massive and fun that we had to give you more sights - enjoy!


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