Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stance It! - Style Society 2013

Words & Snaps by Ben

Stance has become quite the trend now, and the word is almost on everyone's lips. It's true that slapping on a sexy set of rims, lowering your ride till it scrapes the asphalt and adding an unholy amount of negative camber is always a good way to grab the attention of crowds.

It's to celebrate this trend that 3lack Underground and EdgeWerkz got together to bring the Style Society 2013, in partnership with StanceNation, FlushStyle and Street Cover.

The carpark of the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal was swarmed for an afternoon of car porn bringing together a healthy chunk of the local car scene, as well as friends from over the causeway.

The local car scene is, in my eyes, a bunch of warriors who take the road everyday, ready to face their demise in the hands of the LTA. When you think about it, everything from owning a car to modifying it is, in our local context, the biggest mistake people can do

Singapore is, after all, the country where cars are the most expensive in the world, and the government adds on another layer of insanity with their outdated and strict laws about modifications. But hell, when you see how the scene fights and survives, giving birth to rides such as this A4 Avant, then you know it's worth every single dollar and effort.

And yes, we exist, we survive and we thrive! In a way, those hardships make it all the more exciting to be part of this family.

Every meet I enjoy being surprised by the eventual car that stands out, such as this Galant. While it is not so much of a rare car on our shores, it is the first cleanly built one that I've seen so far.

The Style Society was a great opportunity to check out not only what's done locally, but also how our neighbours from Malaysia stance out their rides, with a lot of them on air bags (wise choice when you see the state of Malayian roads).

Lots, if not most, of the Malaysian rides present were sporting ri-goddam-diculous amounts of camber.

I particularly liked the three Malaysian Corollas that shower quite a nice variety of styles, ranging from bosozoku...

Carrying on with a clean restoration/enhancement...

And finally throwing in some sweet So-Cal flavour.

The organisers, 3lack Underground and EdgeWerkz, kept the crowd entertained the whole day (and night) with some contests and games, including the main competition which aimed at crowning the best stance, the best track stance, and the best of show. 

This AE86 and its roaring 4AGE, one of the contestants, totally deserved its 'Loud as F*ck!* sticker.

And its stance was, well judge for yourself, perfect.

Overall, the Style Society meet was a great gathering, giving us an awesome avenue to live our passion. Kudos to 3lack Underground and EdgeWerkz!

There were so many rides and styles that it's honestly difficult to give a full account of the meet, so head on over to the gallery to check out more sights and rides of the meet!


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