Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Two-Wheelers' Paradise - The Motul Bike Festival 2013

Words and Snaps by Ben

Here at POWAA Garage, we've mostly been focusing on cars, but as motorheads, we just love anything with an engine and wheels and that, of course, includes bikes. We've already encountered a few motorbike events, whether it was a style show (see Mama Mia Vespas!) or a motorbike mayhem like the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2013.

The latest bike event we saw through our lens was yet another type - the Motul Bike Festival 2013. Organised, as the name says, by the French engine lubricant Motul, this event catered for everything we love, ranging from bike show with judges, to motorbike gymkhana organised in collaboration with the SMSA.

The event was held at the Grandstands at Turf City, where I did the Autocross back in April; but this time it was all about the two-wheelers, which crowded the area.

It was quite surprising the see that the Singapore Police Force was there to support the event too, which clearly shows that the bike community has strong bonds, definitely stronger than the car community. (Sadly, I just can't imagine inviting the LTA at a car meetup)

Next to them, KTM were showing off their latest range and united owners of the Austrian brand under their flag.

All along the day, the Singaporebikes.com community ran a bike show to find the best looking bike out there.

The owners parked their beloved bikes and left them under the eyes of a panel of judges, who scrutinized every details in order to assign the winners.

At the back of the area was the "MC Care Station" where the owners could leave their bikes for some detailing using Motul's range of maintenance products. Sadly, I wasn't able to bring my car in for a wash, it seemed it had too many wheels for their taste...

People were happy with the show, but knowing how some of us get itchy to show off our skills at meet ups, the SMSA joined in the fun with their Moto Gymkhana. 

There was quite a number of participants, and it was fun to see all types of bikes, from scooters to speed machines giving their best at dodging the cones.

The cherry on top of the cake was the sweet Leah Petersen, an American stunt rider, who showcased her moves in front of the audience on her stunt-ready '04 Kawasaki Ninja 636.

The crowds definitely liked her. I mean, who wouldn't like a tall blonde doing stunts on a hot bike?

This all-rounder of an event really drew crowds for a day, and gathered bikers and car drivers under the hot sun for the whole day. 

Now all this makes me wonder - Motul, when is the Motul Car Festival coming around? :D

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