Monday, December 2, 2013

Paris je t'aime... - Part 3 - Peugeot Avenue

Our visit to Paris' concept car dealerships had not been the most exciting. Both Citroën and Mercedes failed to impress us, with one focused on the past and the other one busy showing off some princess dresses.

Continuing along the Champs Elysées, I was starting to wonder how the car scene was going to evolve if the dealers are more busy doing weird stuff rather than coming up with some cool concepts. It was then that I reached the Peugeot concept store, dubbed Peugeot Avenue.

On the shopfront, some sentences that could either herald some cool stuff, or spell out disaster: Shooting Secrets, Get behind the scenes.

I was really looking forward to seeing them share some insights how they shoot their concept car videos/ TV ads. And I was, once again disappointed.

Nothing new here, Peugeot was in a retrospective phase where they relived the highlights of their cars on the silver screen, with movie extracts playing all around the place. Like Citroën, they seemed to be reveling in the past. Was it the emo season in France or what?

One interesting exhibit was this old Peugeot limo, an old model I have never heard off, that seemed to address more of an American market by its looks.

The cool element was its transparent body, which let everyone see its insides, yet a small barrier was impeding us from getting up close and personal with the car, so the details were lost...

Surprisingly enough, Peugeot was not even showcasing the most famous Peugeot of the silver screen: the souped-up 406 taxi.

The only new thing in Peugeot Avenue was the 208, stored in a corner.

At the back of Peugeot Avenue, the French carmaker was showcasing miniature of their most iconic models.

They were also showcasing some of their classics, along with the ads they were promoted with.

Completing their journey to the past were some of their car hood emblems from the 60's or earlier.

And then there was the back wall, where Peugeot was selling... Foodstuffs. Like salt and pepper grinders and herbs and more...

French cuisine is, after all, world-famous, and I guess Peugeot must have been confused as to what they sell. Cars, dude, you sell cars, not food!

I guess they never read the memo.

Next stop: L'Atelier Renault!

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