Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Because Race Car

Words & Snaps by Sam

I’d like to start off by thanking the guys at Because Race Car- BRC for organising and hosting this event. It was a great evening with lots on show and without any of the recklessness that too often spoils public meets. A quiet car park within the beautiful grounds of Sanctuary Cove was to play host to BRC’s first big meet, which had an impressive 80+ rides come down to celebrate!

On that note, allow me to take you on a virtual tour of what the evening had to offer...

The meet got off to a good start with plenty of cars arriving nice and early, many even before the 5pm start time!

One of the first to show up was a monstrous bronze R32. You could tell it was something pretty special without even turning to look. Close your eyes and imagine the idling noise of an RB power plant with high lift cams... What a beautiful melody!

Sitting alongside it was this classic Nissan Laurel C30, though there was nothing classic about what was under the hood: a much more updated SR20 resided at the place of its original Prince G-Series engine.

It wasn’t long before the majority of cars started rolling up, and among them this white Impreza really stood out. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you why! Gorgeous? Without a doubt.

Just check out how this thing sits, I’ve seen panel gaps with more space than that. Flush, it is.

One the few Hondas on show was this clean looking S2000, the neon orange rims offsetting the blue paintwork nicely.

The majority of cars at the event were of JDM origin; with only a handful of Euro cars in attendance. Out of those this 1 series BMW looked particularly fresh.

The E30 has long been a popular retro Euro saloon, and they’re one of my personal favourites for their simple yet timeless styling. This clean example showed that simplicity can often be a key ingredient to creating something beautiful.

A popular car at the event was the MKIV Toyota Supra, and this one looked great, sitting on gold split rims.

Love them or hate them, you can’t argue that the Supra offers great tuning potentials with that big 2JZ block lurking under that huge front end. And with that low, wide body you can certainly see the appeal. My opinion? Of course I fall on the side of those who love the Supra!

It wasn’t long after the arrival of the Supras, that two real “monsters” turned up to steal the show. I’ll let you see if you can figure out why...

Both of these GTRs were running ridiculous amounts of power; I overheard a rumour saying that the ‘Godzilla R34 pushed over 850bhp. Imagine a launch with 850 neck destroying horses being sent to those 4 giant wheels. If that doesn’t leave you smiling from ear to ear, I’m not sure what will!

While we’re on the subject of GTRs, this almost stock R34 was one of the last cars to show up. Unfortunately a 10 minute spell of drizzle meant that many people had left by this stage. A bit of a shame, but not enough to dampen what was a great event.

The R34s Bayside Blue paint really stood out against the fast-approaching darkness.

And with the car park now in complete darkness, it was decided that there would be a mini Subaru photo shoot. There’s just something magical about modified cars lined up in the dark, something that’s hard to put your finger on It’s as though they’re alive, mechanical monsters just waiting to be awoken and let loose into night.

This WRX was the first to wake and took its first steps out into the darkness, just readying itself to pounce and tear apart some tarmac...

The rest of the pack remained steady and calm, perhaps sleeping. But you just knew it would only be a matter of time before they too, would come alive...

And with that, this virtual tour comes to an end. The guys at BRC really managed to make this meet a success; proving to be an enjoyable, family friendly event, with plenty of variety, and set in a great location. That’s top marks from me! I look forward to their next event, but in the meantime, we’ll leave you with a few more pornographic snaps to look through!


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