Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Driver training

Words & Snaps by Ben

When local drifters & racers Ken Ang, Leonard Lee, Timothy Ngui and Vincent Ng decided to get together to share their knowledge with other motorsports enthusiasts, the Singapore Motorsport Academy was born.

Their modus operandi is straight forward: their curriculum is spread over a year of lessons happening every month, with the aim of having the participants ready to compete in motorsports events by the time they graduate from the academy.

Of course, participants can hop on the bandwagon anytime for more flexibility. Whether they have little to no experience, or have already been doing gymkhana for a while, all are welcome, and the instructors always have something up their sleeve to bring the participants' skills to the next level.

On the 23rd of April, the Singapore Motorsport Academy organised one of their monthly courses at the bus carpark of the Kranji Turf Club.

The sun was beating down hard, but it didn't stop the participants from lining up their cars and going through the motions again and again to grow accustomed to their cars' behaviour around the obstacles.

While there were quite a selection cars lined up alongside the practice grounds, only a few of them were going at it hard.

Some where here for support, or to share knowledge...

While others just tagged along to chill with friends, or work on their cars.

With the sun boiling the tarmac away, the cars had to take regular breaks to avoid overheating, but the participants were relentless, and kept going at it as hard as they could, under the sound advices given by the Singapore Motorsport Academy crew.

If you want to grow your driving skills, check out the Singapore Motorsport Academy's courses, they'll be worth your while!


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