Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sky Blue

Words & Snaps by Ben

To the outside world, all motorheads fit into one basket. As soon as our cars are modified, we are delinquents, street racers without any regard to other people's lives who are always causing trouble on the roads. This so especially in Singapore, where simple car modifications are seen as a crime, and makes every one of us targets of a witch hunt given by the government officials.

Yet our passion for cars is as colourful and varied as there are races on earth. The main "function or form" categories are often mentioned, but the number of sub-genres are unlimited.

While there are haters, who will look down upon certain car models, brands or styles, when push comes to shove, we know how to stand united in our passion.

Marcus' Elantra is not a track-conquering asphalt-twisting powerhouse. It is neither an oni-cambered show queen. All it is, is his own interpretation of his passion for cars. And in this, it is perfect.

Marcus's passion for cars started when he was 5. A long standing collection of Tomica models is a testament to his enthusiasm, which ended when he was 19 and got his first car.

Since then, he has driven a total of 8 cars, with his latest set of wheels being this '11 Hyundai Elantra.

He was seduced by its muscular curves, yet he felt it needed a push in the aesthetics department. And this is where the never-ending, wallet-draining yet oh-so-satisfying story started.

The wheels are usually the first elements of a car to get changed, as this simple mod can set the tone for the whole build and presence of a car. Marcus opted for a set of chromed-out 17" SSR Professor MS1R, 8.5" wide in front and 9.5" wide at the rear.

To complete the stance, he set the Professors on 10mm spacers to bring them flush with the body and ensure they would catch the eyes of onlookers.

Tackling both the looks and the handling aspect of the Elantra, a set of API Racing Type RS coilovers have found their way on all four corners. With these and the overall weight of the car, Marcus shared that his Korean mistress now handles like a Continental car, with a refined comfort offering precise control.

Aside from the sports coilovers, Marcus has not built his car for high performance. With his full body kit sitting at a low 8cm, he prefers playing it slow and low, enjoying the occasional thumbs up when a fellow motorhead crosses his path.

The devil is in the details, and details are a game Marcus plays well. While his Elantra is eye-catching at first sight, it is even more enjoyable up close, where details such as the front PU lip, chromed door handles and door frames, and the black glitter wrapped side mirrors sporting the illest logo surround the car.

The Style LED DRL with amber signal lights and Ice Blue pole lights subtly contribute to making this Elantra stand out from the crowd.

Hyundai has taken great strides to improve the reliability of its cars, and this Elantra is a proof of it. With its heart running like clockwork, Marcus kept things simple under the hood, and dropped in a K&N filter, before enhancing the electrical system with an HKS power charger, HKS 5 point grounding cables and a Pivot voltage stabiliser. The special attention given to the electrical system is not random, as I got to discover inside the car.

As stated before, Marcus rides slow and low, and with his Elantra running a stock exhaust system, Marcus has all the excuses to make sure he gets a crystal clear sound when enjoying his favourite tunes.

Backed by a steady electricity delivery, his audio setup is powered by a Dynaquest Pro pre-amplifier feeding an Alpine MRP-F250 4-channels amplifier, that sings out of Phoenix Gold speakers with tweeters at the front and West Coast Customs speakers at the rear. With his Alpine amp maxed out, Marcus had to dedicate a Lanzar Vibe 411 amp to handle the 12" sub that rounds out the tunes.

Once again, little details adorn the interior, completing the theme set on the exterior.

Marcus's only "power" mod is the I-concept throttle controller, which gives him a better control over how his car interprets his use of the right pedal.

Talking about pedals, Marcus has them running Mugen branding. Haters will hate this last detail, but I feel it adds a touch of "I don't care what you think" that perfectly rounds up this sleek build.


'11 Elantra
1,591cc 4GFG NA
Drive Layout
Max Output
128bhp / 157Nm


Power Mods
K&N filter
I-concept 7 drive throttle controller
HKS power charger, HKS 5 point grounding cables, Pivot voltage stabilizer

17" SSR Professor MS1R, Front 8.5j rear 9.5j offset 43 with 10mm spacers
Winda WH16 215/45/17
API Racing Type RS coilovers  

Body Kit
Full Kit
Front Bumper PU Lip
Style LED DRL with Amber Signal Lights
Ice blue T10 9W Cree pole lights
High Gloss Black roof sticker
Customized glitter sticker side mirrors with illest logo.
Chromed door handles 
Chromed door frame, illest themed
1cm Bonnet Spacers

Mugen Sport Pedals
Rear view mirror with in-built reverse camera
Front and Rear parking Camera
Full HD F168 Car DVR
Phoenix Gold 2-way coaxial speakers with tweeter (front)
West Coast Customs 2-way coaxial speakers (rear)
Alpine MRP-F250 4 Channels amplifier
Lanzar Vibe 411 4 Channels amplifier
Dynaquest Pro pre-amp
Soundstream 12” Subwoofer

Marcus would like to thank Ah Boy from BMS; Accord Auto; Adrian, Ah Wu and team from Al Tyres; High Power Studio; and Edwin from SGGarage


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