Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2014

Words & snaps by Ben

Dapper suits, bikes and a worthy cause. Bring all 3 together and you have yourself the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

The first Ride took place in 2012, and gathered 2,500 riders across 64 cities. With such a success, the organisers decided to give a worthy meaning to the event, and last year's ride was run with the goal of supporting the prostate cancer research.

Last year's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride was a real success. It gathered over 11,000 participants in 145 cities, and raised over $277,000 for the charities.

This year was massive. In Singapore alone, 115 riders registered, yet many more attended the ride.

Just like last year, Motorwerks, operating from the Ubi area, hosted the initial gathering.

The motorwerks crew, dapperly dressed, arranged the whole ride, providing photo booth and refreshments while crowds of two-wheelers gathered outside its doors.

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride isn't just a normal gathering. It's about style. And the riders know a thing or two about style, as they proudly showcase both on themselves and on their bikes.

If you ever attend the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, here's what to expect:

Gentleman and genteel ladyfolks dressed so dapper, hipsters across the island hide in shame for a day.

Café Racers, Classics, Scramblers and more, wearing moustaches and bow-ties to match their classy riders.

And roads turning into a parade of dapperness, with onlookers whipping out their cameras to immortalise the ride.

This year, Motorwerks planned a scenic route starting from Ubi, running along Nicoll Highway to the first regroup point at Fort Canning.

From there, the ride continued to Orchard Boulevard, looped back on Orchard Road, before making a second stop at the Flyer.

The last leg of the ride then lead the bikers down River Valley Road to end at Zouk.

POWAA Garage followed the riders until the first stop at Fort Canning, before letting them ride off in style.

Once again, the team at Motorwerks showed superb skills at handling the giant crowd of supporters, and the Singapore leg alone raised $18,510 for the prostate cancer research.

Globally, over 20,000 riders, spread across 220 cities wore their best suits to support the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

A whopping $1,905,887 were raised to drive prostate cancer to the end of the road.

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride unites bikers across the globe every end of September, and seen how big it's growing, next year's going to be epic!

You too, be a gentleman (and genteel ladyfolk), and contribute to bringing prostate cancer to its knees by donating at the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride's site!

In the meantime, enjoy the gallery for more pics of 2014's ride!


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