Saturday, April 25, 2015

ATracS Challenge 2015 Round One

Words & Snaps by Ben

On the 25th April 2015, a host of cars gathered at the Johor circuit. Within minutes, the pits opened to a human and mechanical frenzy that could only mean one thing: it was time to race.

This marked the beginning of the ATracS Challenge 2015, organised by Alpha Performance Drive and Bardahl Lubricants.

A total of 27 cars lined up in the pits, split in 5 categories based on the engine capacity and mod extents.

The ATracS Challenge consists in 4 rounds of racing, with the next 3 taking place in Sepang, Malacca, and then back to Sepang in July, September and November.

While there is an overall points count for the whole series, drivers can always join for a round or two to enjoy the race days and competition.

The challenge follows a time attack format, with three rounds per race day.

Once the track opens, all participants are encouraged to clock the fastest time they can, in as many laps as they want. Some opt to lap for as long as they can, while other teams will focus on one or two hot laps to clock in their best time and then pit in until the next round to conserve tyres.

Rain invited itself early in the competition, and while this did not stop the drivers and the competition, all participants were glad to see the dark clouds move away after a few hours.

Each round saw the number of qualifiers shrink down to reach the third and last round, which featured the craziest machines and drivers of the day.

The two fastest cars of the day were Integra DC5's, the madder one and its crazy aero driven by Keith Tan, followed by a fraction of second by Wenlong Cheow.

With the first round wrapped up, the drivers headed back, looking forward to the second round of the ATracS Challenge!

Enjoy more shots of the race!


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