Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Darren - Crew

While you might not be reading his words, you might see some of his shots. Darren is more than just this, he is the guy who helps making it all happen.

From car spotting, location hunting, tinkerer, painter, driver, assistant, joker, hooner, adviser... He does it all, and he deserves credit for it all as without him, POWAA Garage would not be moving much, if at all.

Unmistakably, he is here at every shoot I do to help in any way he can, whether it is to drive me around for rolling shots, drive featured rides, entertain car owners while I shoot, network and spread the word about POWAA Garage, make random comments, or even make annoying reflections in the cars I shoot which I have to photoshop later on, and I am greatful for it (well, maybe less for that last point).


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