Friday, January 25, 2013

SPARK Gymkhana Fever Rd. 1

Text by: Ben Photos by: Ben

On Saturday 19 January, SPARK Motorsports kicked off the first round of their racing season with the Gymkhana Fever Round 1. 

While almost 20 drivers signed up to test out their skills on the coned-up Marina Country Club grounds, the relentless rain that poured all week end long weathered off some participants. Those who came, though, were given the opportunity to test out their car's handling on wet conditions.

Under the advices given by SPARK Motorsports instructors Leona Chin, Akina Teo, Jagjeet Singh and Sylvester Lim, the participants were given the chance to refine their skills and improve their personal timings around the track.

A rather wide range of cars made it, and while some less popular but nonetheless performing cars such as the Chevrolet optra or the Peugeot 308 GTi dodged cones, more familiar machines such as the Rx-7, Imprezas and even the newer BRZ were powering around the wet grounds.

Joining in on the daily drivers were a couple of track-built machines, such as Winston's Exotic Tuner/West Lake drift Silvia...

... And Tim's RWD-converted drift and gymkhana-ready Martini Racing GC8.

At the end of the day, the individual timings were mashed up in two categories and the order of the day was given.

The 4WD category (which was basically a WRX & Impreza shootout),was headed by Nicholas Gabriel in his GC who clocked 1:03:6 around the cones.

Finishing 2nd of the category, Xu Giu Ming brought his WRX in the finish box in 1:06:4.

The top 3 was completed with Loy Wen Xuan's 1.07:4

The 2WD category was topped by Andre in his Rx-7 who also made the best time of the day with a quick 1:00:4 around the cones.

Coming second best of the 2WD category was Wee Chong Nam in his Chevrolet Optra, with a timing of 1:04.

The final award was given to Daryl Goh in who clocked 1:04:4 in his BRZ.

All in all, the SPARK Gymkhana Fever Rd.1 left everyone happy. Wet, but happy.
Looking forward to Round 2!


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