Tuesday, January 22, 2013

June Fong - Lifestyle Editor

Hello there!

June here, and, I suppose, the other face of POWAA Garage.
To be very honest with you, I do not know much about cars nor possess the encyclopedia-extensive knowledge that my partner Ben is blessed with. Like most girls, I couldn’t possibly tell the difference from a Beetle and a Mini Cooper if they were placed before me. What I do have however, is a healthy curiousity about the four-wheelers that we see around us every day and a respect for a well-designed car.
So I guess I would be the fresh perspective from the other side of the looking glass. After a 2 year tenure in Fashion and Beauty marketing for a local magazine company, I realised that cars and fashion are relatively similar. There isn’t really that much a difference from the gorgeous curves of a RWB Porsche to the amazing architecture of a Alexander Mcqueen gown. I will be giving my honest two-cents and photography contributions on selected features and events.
Having that said, I look forward to the amazing cars we hope to receive. And during this journey, may I learn from it and discover more hidden automotives gems. We hope through Powaa Garage that we are able to help give credit to these masterpieces and their owners which they so very much deserve.
Let us make wonderous cacophony with our voices and engines today!

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