Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pizzas, Football and Fast Cars

Football is all the rage right now, with the World Cup showing on TVs around the globe. While I'm personally not a football fan, a game evening is like a race evening. A typical good session involves bringing buddies together around a TV set with a few beers and, of course, some good, many food like pizzas.

Pezzo Pizza hears that, and has made a World Cup Pizza to cater to the black and white ball lovers.

The World Cup Pizza isn't your usual Italian flat bread dinner, as what you are looking at here is... A sweet pizza. Yes, you read it right. The football-lookalike desert is made from crumbled Oreo and Icing sugar as a black and white base, with condensed milk to make the pizza less dry. To make the flat soccer ball a bit more interesting, the chefs at Pezzo Pizza have thrown some slices of banana and some cheese in the mix.

The World Cup Pizza is a good way to end a meal for those with a sweet tooth, and it would be difficult to enjoy if it wasn't for the condensed milk that keeps the dough moist. Thanks to this, it won't dry you out as you take hungry bites out of it.

To celebrate the launch of the World Cup Pizza, Pezzo Pizza partnered with Dream Drive, the newest supercar driving experience in Singapore.

Based at Suntec City, Dream Drive brings the average joe the chance to drive a supercar around Singapore. The stable has the finest Italian superstars, namely the Maserati GranTurismo Coupé, Ferrari F430 Spider and Lamborghini Gallardo Spider.

For the launch, I had the chance to lay my hands on either the GranTurismo or the Gallardo. It doesn't take a  Ph.D to guess that I chose the topless bull as my date.

As there was quite a queue of impatient joes waiting for their turn, I sadly didn't get to experience the routes they have in store, and only got to take it around the block. My short spin included a pass in front of the flyer, dodging Singapore's infamous Vettel-wannabe taxis, sightseeing by the Esplanade and making some jaywalkers scramble like headless chickens.

The 8-cylinder melody is a charm to the ear, and is especially enjoyable with the top down. If it wasn't for the city's terrible traffic, this experience would have been perfect. If you decide to treat yourself for a spin, this can be solved as the 1-hour route includes highway cruising all the way to Changi Airport and back, which leaves you more freedom to enjoy your supermodel date.

If your budget doesn't allow you to have the lady for an hour, you can always go for the 30-minute route, which follows the F1 track. Think you can clock a faster time than Vettel?

Check out Pezzo Pizza on Facebook or on their website to order your World Cup Pizza, and Dream Drive's Facebook and website for more info on how to have your supercar date in Singapore!

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