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Those of you who are reading these words from outside of Singapore, consider yourselves lucky. You might have read some of my previous car features where I mention the COE. The Certificate Of Entitlement is one of Singapore's government's measures put in place to limit the population of cars on the roads of our small island. Not only does it cost a bomb (current rates are above SGD60,000), but it also put a countdown on each and every car, as it is only valid for 10 years.

At the end of those 10 years, car owners have no choice but to either buy a new COE, or scrap their cars. Sadly, with the COE rates always getting higher, many of us do not have the finances to renew and have to bid their cars farewell.

As you can imagine, that makes the lives of us motorheads very, very difficult.

Nicholas' GC8 is one such casualty of the Singapore government's rule. This GC8 Version 4 that graced POWAA Garage's pages last January ran out of "paper life" last April, and renewing her COE was sadly not an option.

Yet his love for his Subaru named Azumi was not to succumb to the ridiculous laws of the country, and Nicholas exported her to Malaysia, where she would be reborn as a time attack monster.

With his car safely out of the crusher's grip, Nicholas did not waste time and took the first steps toward turning her into a specialised track machine.

First off, he changed the fuel pump that gave way during our last track session at the Johor Circuit. Out with the Mishimoto fuel pump, an in went a Walbro pump. With this, Nicholas said goodbye to fuel starvation and hello to a strong and steady fuel pressure all the way through the power band.

With Singapore's restrictions on modifications out of the way, Nicholas was also able to weld the 7 point roll cage for added rigidity.

The last modification he has done to Azumi is to add a side-plant exit to his exhaust, which is activated by a switch inside the car. He refers to it Azumi's split personalities - the "angel" mode has the valve closed and the exhaust gases going through their normal journey to the rear of the car, while the "bitch" mode opens the bypass valve and lets Azumi rumble the ground through the exit right beneath the front seats.

We took her for a quick shakedown at the Johor Circuit to try out the Walbro pump and enjoy the havoc of the side plant on unrestricted tarmac.

The welded roll cage feels much firmer and the cornering of the AWD machine is mental. The fuel pump is performing flawlessly, and if it wasn't for the old R888 giving way to the rough Malaysian asphalt, nothing could have stopped Azumi from running all day long.

Our aim there wasn't to clock a record number of laps, but to make sure everything was in check before the next step of modifications, which will start soon.

POWAA Garage will regularly follow the build of Azumi, as well as the practice and time attack sessions she will take part of in the near future.

Stay tuned for more!


1,994cc 2005 EJ205 Turbo
Drive Layout
Max Output
330bhp est.

Power Mods
Perrin Air Filter
Mishimoto Oil Cooler
Mishimoto Oil Catch Tank
Walbro Fuel Pump
VF22 Turbo Set Up
Side Plant (with Electric Bypass Valve)
Exedy Racing Clutch
Rear Differential Front Support Lock Kit

Rota Rims, 2 Sets (Black / Bronze)
Toyo R888 / Yokohama Advan Sports
Brembo STI (Gold Brake Kit)
D2 Race Suspension, Camber Adjustment Bolt Kit
Whiteline Roll Centre Bump-Steer Adjustment Kit
Whiteline Anti Lift Race Kit
Whiteline Front Control Arm Lower Inner Front Bushing
Whiteline Heavy Duty Steer Rack Mounts
Whiteline Subframe Lock Bolt Kit
Whiteline Heavy Duty Adjustment Steel Ball
Whiteline F&R Sway Bar Link Extra Heavy Duty Alloy Assembly Kit
Whiteline Front & Rear Trailing Arm Bush Kit
7 Point Welded Roll Cage

Carbon Spoiler

Recaro Seats
Takata 4 Point Seat Belt
Steering Wheel
Momo Tuner
Gear Knob
Carbon Fiber Knob
STI Genome Meters
Apexi AVC-R
Apexi RSM
Apexi Boost Controller
Turbo Timer


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