Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Infernal Dance

Words & Snaps by Ben

At the single turn of a key, the inanimate masterpiece of technical engineering sparks to life. 1 turbo, 2 camshafts, 4 pistons, 16 valves and thousands more moving parts initiate a flawlessly synchronised infernal dance.

This is Jeremy's Evo IX. His own interpretation of how the famous AWD platform should be done up.

Jeremy's past ownerships are enough to make any motorhead envious. Starting with a stroked up EG6, he moved on to an EG9, also stroked up to 1.8L. Following this he decided to stay away from stroker kits and turbocharged his 3rd Civic. Upgrading from the Civic, he got his hands on a DC2 before going the AWD way with a stroked-up 2.6L WRX Cockeye.

Jeremy is now topping his list with this gorgeous looking Evo IX, and he got to work on it, applying the same care and passion as he did with his previous rides.

Sitting at the heart of the build is a 4G63 sporting the mighty Cosworth crest. Within its metal walls, CP Pistons dance a light weight yet sturdy jig at the rhythm set by Tomei camshafts and cam gears. Sealing the dance floor, ARP studs fasten the head to the block, ensuring a higher reliability and lower chances of head gasket failure.

At the front of the block, a Power Enterprise Super-V Belt contributes its kevlar strength to power the engine peripherals. 

The motor inhales through a ported and polished intake manifold to let in as much air as possible in the combustion chamber. FIC injectors fed by a trusty Walbro fuel pump chime in with just the right amount of gasoline to bring forth the explosive tempo directed by a Link G4 Storm ECU.

As the revs climb, the exhaust gases spool up the mighty FP Red turbo, inviting it to whistle its tune of power written by an A'PEXi AVCR. 

Under the watchful eye of an HKS SSQV blowoff valve, the compressed air runs from the turbo to the Greddy front mounted intercooler, where it cools down before entering the ballroom of the combustion chamber.

Sitting behind the intercooler, a Blitz radiator and an HKS oil cooler keep the heat of the infernal dance in check.

Like the trumpet of apocalypse, an HKS Hi-Power exhaust heralds the dance of power that takes place at the heart of this Evo.

Jeremy has entrusted the hard task of transmitting the full power of the engine to the wheels to Carbonetic's flywheel and clutch duo. From there, the power runs through the driveshafts to all four black and chrome 18” Advan RS-D wheels dialed at -3° camber for better handling. 

It is then all up to the sticky 255/40 AD08R tyres to transmit 400 stallions to the asphalt.  

To stand up to the even mightier task of holding stopping the army of horses, Rotora's Chrome limited edition calipers bite on 355mm rotors with 6 and 4 teeth at the front and back respectively.

Jeremy himself is at the heart of the dance everytime he takes his Evo for a spin, which is why he upgraded the handling with the help of Aragosta suspensions, and chassis reinforcements in the form of Carbing's 6 points lower arm brace and rear strut bar.

As his Evo is a work in constant progress, at the time of the shoot, Jeremy had just collected a Carbing 3pt strut bar and Cusco room bar to complete the set.

On the outside, form meets function, and the white Voltex wide body gown is complemented with contrasting carbon fibre hood.

Voltex canards and fender add-ons adorn the sides.

And at the rear, the theme continues with more lightweight carbon fibre in the form of a Varis boot. Jeremy has chosen the sleek wingless route, and a simple Varis cf boot lip adorns the rear line, leaving less hints of the potential of the infernal dance singing beneath the hood.

The carbon fibre theme flows inside, thanks to Robson Design's cf interior panels.

Jeremy has kept the form-meets-function theme by focusing on his needs as a driver only: Bride Low Max bucket seats, an OMP steering wheel and a Tomei Duracon long shift knob. 

This is all he needs to stay firmly in place and in control when letting the infernal dance tear the asphalt at the rhythm set by his right foot.

Jeremy's dance with his Evo IX is sadly coming to an end. Due to a growing family, he has to reluctantly let the hours of dedicated sweat and blood he put into his beloved car carry on to a new owner.

All he hopes, is that the owner will appreciate and respect this car, and dare to step into the infernal dance of this Evo.

2006 Lancer Evolution IX GT
1,997cc 4G63 Turbo
5-Speed Manual
Drive Layout
Max Output

Power Mods
Engine Internals
Cosworth Engine
CP Pistons
Tomei Camshafts & Cam Gears
ARP Head studs
Power Enterprise Super-V Belt
Ported and Polished
HKS Oil Cooler
Blitz Radiator
Greddy FMIC & Pipings
Walbro Fuel Pump
FIC injectors
FP Red Turbocharger
HKS SSQV Blowoff Valve
HKS Hi-Power
Carbonetic Flywheel
Carbonetic Twin Clutch
Link G4 Storm ECU

18” Advan RS-D 10jj Offset 12
Advan Neova AD08R 255/40R18
Chrome Limited Edition Big 6/ Big 4 Rotora Calipers
355mm Rotors
Carbing 3pt Strut Bar
Cusco Room Bar
Carbing 6pt Lower Arm Brace
Carbing Rear Strut Bar

Voltex Canards
Body Kit
Voltex Wide Body Kit
Carbon Fibre Hood
Varis Carbon Fibre Boot With Boot Lip
Voltex Carbon Fibre Fender Add-Ons

Robson Design Carbon Fibre Interior
Bride Low Max
Steering Wheel
Gear Knob
Tomei Duracon Long Type Knob With Extender

Special Thanks: Jeremy's most important person to thank is his wife, Agnes Sylvia. She has always been supportive of his passion, and for the 10 years they have been together, she has helped him plan out his finances to attain his modifying goals.

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