Wednesday, September 3, 2014

LMS Autotest Round II

Words & Snaps by Ben

Three months after the first Autotest, Lifestyle Motorsports (LMS) stayed true to their words and organised the second round of their series.

For those of you new to the Autotest concept, it is a timed race on a small track usually defined by cones, which focuses on car control at low to average speeds. Opponents go head to head on mirror tracks, with the fastest of 2 rounds winning the race.

Learning from Round I, LMS offered a renewed challenge for the drivers, with a track extending on the whole length of the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal carpark.

Unlike the previous round where the drivers were competing on a mirror track, this time, they had to dodge cones on their "side" of the track, before continuing on to tackle their opponent's "side".

This not only allowed the drivers to practice their usual autocross and gymkhana skills, but also add on higher speed handling skills.

This round not only received a strong support from the usual racing suspects; it also welcomed a large amount of first-timers who were keen to see what their cars were capable too.

With a growing crowd of first timers, LMS Motorsports is achieving one of the main goals behind the Autotest series: to bring in new blood to the local racing scene, as well as educating crowds that racing is not a crime.

To make things easier for all drivers, instructors from DriveRite were there to help guide the drivers and dispense basic tips on Autotest racing.

With a new challenge on the asphalt and a nice selection of new drivers, the event had it all going, and things were made even more interesting thanks to the variety of rides taking part.

Aside from the usual Imprezas, Civics, and Mx-5s, this time saw interesting challengers, such as a Porsche Cayman...

Or even a brand new Lotus Exige S.

This Autotest Round II's novelties were not only limited to a new challenge on the track, but also on the adjacent carpark, where local modified car magazine AFTMKT organised a Community Showoff.

There, the car aficionados who were not racing on that day were able to submit their cars to the crowd's votes with the aim to win the best looking car award.

Once again, Lifestyle MotorSports ran a successful grassroots Autotest event, thanks to the support of Ducatus, Delphi, Motorvac, Perre Ocean, Whiteline, Best Chemical Co.(S) Pte Ltd, Sony Singapore and Driven Asia Pacific.

The best news? There will be a few more rounds before the end of the year, so stay tuned for updates on LMS' Facebook page and make sure to sign quickly once registration opens, the slots get taken like hot cakes!

Enjoy the gallery for more pics of the action!


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